A 7-Fold System for Creating Islamic Geometric Patterns Part 2: Contemporary Expression

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Marc Pelletier and Jay Bonner: A 7-Fold System for Creating Islamic Geometric Patterns Part 2: Contemporary Expression. In: Bridges 2012. Pages 149–156



This paper is an abbreviated report on some two decades of research by the authors in the field of 7-fold Islamic geometric patterns. We have expanded the application of this design methodology beyond the historical 7-fold systematic practices identified in Part 1: finding a wide assortment of new polygonal sub-grid elements upon which pattern lines are pre- arranged. What is more, by applying the same basic methodologies used in the 5/10 System, the inherent proportionality of the 7/14 System allows for the creation of 7-fold quasi-crystalline patterns with inflation symmetry, 7-fold non-periodic designs, and 7-fold self-similar designs. This material demonstrates the remarkable flexibility of the 7/14 System of pattern generation, and is intended to open the doors of creative pursuit for others captivated by the beauty of these 7-fold patterns.

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