A Case Study from the Point of View of Aesthetics: A Dialogue Between an Artist and a Computer Scientist

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Arlene Stamp, Tobias Isenberg, M. Sheelagh T. Carpendale: A Case Study from the Point of View of Aesthetics: A Dialogue Between an Artist and a Computer Scientist. In: Douglas W. Cunningham, Gary W. Meyer, László Neumann, Alan Dunning, Raquel Paricio (Eds.):Eurographics Workshop on Computational Aesthetics, 2007. 129-134




Computational Aesthetics draws from both a long history of artistic expression and the possibilities that computational methods can provide. As such, its success depends on a dialogue between the arts world and computer science. Based on the experience we gained through an art-computer science joint project on non-repetitive patterns we attempt to document our personal dialogue, to analyze the experiences we gained from our collaboration, and to extract insights we gained with respect to computational aesthetics.

Extended Abstract


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