An efficient image retrieval based on HSV color space

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Ching-Hung Su; Huang-Sen Chiu; Tsai-Ming Hsieh: An efficient image retrieval based on HSV color space. Electrical and Control Engineering (ICECE), 2011 International Conference on , pp.5746-5749, 16-18 Sept. 2011



We propose an efficient image retrieval scheme to retrieve images. We extract the color pixel features by the HSV color space .The proposed scheme transfers each image to a quantized color code using the regulations of the properties in compliance with HSV model. Subsequently, using the quantized color code to compare the images of database. We succeed in transferring the image retrieval problem to quantized color code comparison. Thus the computational complexity is decreased obviously. Our results illustrate it has merits both of the content based image retrieval system and a text based image retrieval system.

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author={C. H. Su and H. S. Chiu and T. M. Hsieh},
booktitle={Electrical and Control Engineering (ICECE), 2011 International Conference on},
title={An efficient image retrieval based on HSV color space},

keywords={content-based retrieval;image coding;image colour analysis;image retrieval;visual databases;HSV color space;HSV model;color pixel feature;computational complexity;content based image retrieval system;image database;image transfer;quantized color code comparison;text based image retrieval system;Educational institutions;Feature extraction;Histograms;Image color analysis;Image retrieval;Shape;HSV color space;Histogram Intersection;Minkowski Metric;color histogram;edge histogram;quantized color code;text based image retrieval},


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