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Brian J. Ross ist ein kanadischer Computerwissenschaftler, der u.a. in den Bereichen Evolutionary Computation, Genetic Programming Evolutionary Design, Evolutionary Art und Computational Aesthetics forscht. Er hat am Department of Computer Science an der Brock University eine Professur inne.

Wissenschaftliche Tätigkeit

PhD Dept. of Artificial Intelligence Nov 1992 University of Edinburgh (Edinburgh, Scotland)

MSc Dept. of Computer Science Oct 1988 University of British Columbia (Vancouver, Canada)

BCSc (Hon) Dept. of Computer Science University of Manitoba (Winnipeg, Canada)

Research interests

AI: computational intelligence, genetic programming, evolutionary computation, multi-objective optimization

AI applications: biological modeling, evolutionary design

Research description

I am active in evolutionary design research, and the new fields of computational aesthetics and creativity. One research project explored the evolution of image filters, which attempt to duplicate a target colour palette. We incorporated a mathematical model of aesthetics, with the goal of evolving visually pleasing images. Recently we extended this research to incorporate ideas from work in non-photorealistic rendering.

We are also doing research in the evolutionary design of 3D models, and have considered building architectures, floor plan designs, and generalized 3D model generation using aesthetic models. Other research has used genetic programming to evolve procedural textures for 3D surfaces, and vector graphics images.

Another research area of interest is the automatic synthesis of bio-networks encoded in stochastic process algebra, as well as higher-level bio-network modeling languages such as logical gene gates and PIM. The goal is to automatically synthesize bio-networks that could generate given time-course data, for example, changing protein levels over time. This research needs to consider the evaluation of often noisy time-course data, which is best characterized by statistical analyses. The research also makes use of high-dimensional multi-objective strategies, as well as grammatical modeling of target languages for genetic programming.

To support my research, I developed a Prolog-based genetic programming system called DCTG-GP (Definite Clause Translation Grammar for Genetic Programming). DCTG-GP lets the user define their target language using a logical CFG. This environment permits the languages grammar, semantics and constraints to be unified together.

Other topics of interest include multi-objective optimization, highly parallel genetic programming, and others.

Künstlerische Tätigkeit



M. Maghoumi and Brian J. Ross: Feature Extraction Languages and Visual Pattern Recognition. IEEE SSCI 2014, Orlando, FL, Dec 2014.

M. Baniasadi and Brian J. Ross: Non-photorealistic rending using genetic programming. Winner of the GECCO 2014 Evolutionary Art, Design and Creativity Competition. Vancouver, BC, July 2014


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R. Pringle and Brian J. Ross: A Symbiosis of Animation and Music. Brock COSC TR CS-95-04, December 1995. 404 !!!! addendum ZIP


Brian J. Ross: An Algebraic Semantics of Prolog Control. PhD thesis, Dept. of Artificial Intelligence, U. of Edinburgh, 1992.

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