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Reza Sarhangi and Robert V. Moody: Bridges 2005, Mathematics, Music, Art, Architecture, Culture. 8th Annual Bridges Conference, Banff, 2005. ISBN: 0-9665201-6-5



Extended Abstract



Table of contents

Recursion in Nature, Mathematics and Art Anne M. Burns Pages 9–16

Fairfield Porter's Secret Geometry Chris Bartlett Pages 17–24

Meanders Paul Gailiunas Pages 25–30

An Introduction to the Golden Tangram and its Tiling Properties Stanley Spencer Pages 31–36

Spiral Tilings with C-curves Using Combinatorics to Augment Tradition Chris K. Palmer Pages 37–46

The Euclidean Algorithm Generates Traditional Musical Rhythms Godfried Toussaint Pages 47–56

Malekula Sand Tracings: A Case in Ethnomathematics Marcia Ascher Pages 57–64

Generative Art and Aesthetics Susan Happersett Pages 65–66

Geometry and Harmony David Rappaport Pages 67–72

Mathematical Measures of Syncopation F. Gómez, A. Melvin, D. Rappaport and G.T. Toussaint Pages 73–84

Mathematical Analogy and Metaphorical Insight Jan Zwicky Pages 85–92

Beauty in Art and Mathematics: A Common Neural Substrate or the Limits of Language? Daniel J. Goldstein Pages 93–100

Alice Boner and the Geometry of Temple Cave Art of India Robert V. Moody Pages 101–108

A Ukrainian Easter Egg Monument Stands for Thirty Years Robert McDermott Pages 109–116

The Harmony of the World Christopher Arthur Pages 117–118

Pedagogical Principles for Teaching Art in Mathematics Courses Russell Jay Hendel Pages 119–120

D-forms and developable surfaces John Sharp Pages 121–128

(Vector) Fields of Mathematical Poetry Carla Farsi Pages 129–130

Aspects of Symmetry in Arpachiyah Pottery Duncan J. Melville Pages 131–136

Abstract Art from a Model for Cellular Morphogenesis Gary R. Greenfield Pages 137–142

The Complexity of the Musical Vocabulary of the Nzakara Harpists Barbra Gregory Pages 143–148

A Computerized Environment for Learning and Teaching 3-D Geometry Irit Wertheim, Emzar Panikashvili, Gershon Elber and Nitsa Movshovitz-Hadar Pages 149–154

Symmetry and the Sacred Date Palm in the Palace of Ashurnasirpal II, King of Assyria Sarah C. Melville Pages 155–160

Three-Dimensional and Dynamic Constructions Based on Leonardo Grids Rinus Roelofs Pages 161–168

The Droste-Effect and the Exponential Transform Bart de Smit Pages 169–178

Some Surprising New Properties of the Spidrons Dániel Erdély Pages 179–186

Video Screening Jinnah Yu and Ergun Akleman Pages 187–194

Detecting Meter in Recorded Music Joseph E. Flannick, Rachel W. Hall and Robert Kelly Pages 195–202

Solidifying Wireframes Vinod Srinivasan, Esan Mandal and Ergun Akleman Pages 203–210

Splitting Tori, Knots, and Moebius Bands Carlo H. Séquin Pages 211–218

Symmetry and Symmetry-Breaking - An Approach to Understanding Beauty Carol Bier Pages 219–226

An Interdisciplinary Course: "On Beauty: Perspective, Proportion, and Rationalism in Western Culture" Alison Fleming, Sharon Frechette and Sarah Luria Pages 227–230

Looking At Math: Using Art to Teach Mathematics Pau Atela Pages 231–236

Using 3-D Models as Image Generators For Digital Fiction Michael Mahan Pages 237–244

Fermat's Spiral Mandalas Robert J. Krawczyk Pages 245–250

Symmetry, Proportion and Scale: Tools for the Jacquard Designer and Weaver of Silk Velvet Barbara Setsu Pickett Pages 251–254

Circular Distributions and Spectra Variations in Music, How Even is Even? Richard J. Krantz and Jack Douthett Pages 255–262

Illustrating Number Sequences L. Kerry Mitchell Pages 263–268

Geometrical, Perceptual, and Cultural Perspectives on Figure/Ground Differences in Bakuba Pattern Donald W. Crowe and Dorothy K. Washburn Pages 269–276

A Perspective on Infinity: Anamorphism and Stereographic Projection Michael Frantz Pages 277–284

A Geometric Analysis of the Seven Heavens B. Lynn Bodner Pages 285–292

On Parsimonious Sequences as Scales in Western Music Richard Hermann and Jack Douthett Pages 293–300

TSP Art Craig S. Kaplan and Robert Bosch Pages 301–308

Digitally Spelunking the Spline Mine Curtis Palmer Pages 309–312

An Approach in Coloring Semi-Regular Tilings on the Hyperbolic Plane Ma. Louise Antonette N. De Las Peñas, Glenn R. Laigo and René P. Felix Pages 313–320

Two and Three-Dimensional Art Inspired by Polynomiography Bahman Kalantari Pages 321–328

Tessellations from Group Actions and the Mystery of Escher's Solid Ioana Mihaila Pages 329–330

Wisdom in Art: Mathematics in Islamic Architecture in Iran Hourieh Mashayekh Pages 331–336

NAMAN: Dream Altars, Vietnam: A Search for use of the Golden Mean and its Affect on Design and Content Michael McConnell and Jim Rose Pages 337–338

Aesthetic Aspects of Venn Diagrams Barry Cipra, Peter Hamburger and Edit Hepp Pages 339–342

Dynamics on Discrete Structures: A Dialog between Squares and Circles Tiziana Giorgi and Robert Smits Pages 343–344

Strange Physical Motion of Balls in a Cylinder Akihiro Matsuura Pages 345–346

z-Irrationality search: After a Golden Section Approach, Another Esthetic but Vain Attempt Dirk Huylebrouck Pages 347–348

Aliasing Artifacts and Accidental Algorithmic Art Craig S. Kaplan Pages 349–356

Symmetries and Design Science: Two Graduate Courses for a Mathematics Education Program Reza Sarhangi and Jay Zimmerman Pages 357–366

Making Mathematical Posters Ulrich Hermisson and Robert V. Moody Pages 367–368

Golden Fields, Generalized Fibonacci Sequences, and Chaotic Matrices Jay Kappraff, Slavik Jablan, Gary Adamson and Radmila Sazdanovich Pages 369–378

Space from Nonspace: Emergent Spatiality in Dynamic Graphs Tim Boykett Pages 379–380

Satellite Ballet by Flower Constellations Daniele Mortari Pages 381–382 Computers, Mathematics and Art Phillip Kent Pages 383–384

Mathematical Models of Gothic Structures Javier Barrallo and Santiago Sanchez-Beitia Pages 385–392

Donald Coxeter: The Man who Saved Geometry Siobhan Roberts Pages 393–402

Symmetric Linear Constructions in Motion Douglas G. Burkholder Pages 403–410

Coxetering Crystals Marjorie Senechal Pages 411–418

Two Results Concerning the Zome Model of the 600-Cell David A. Richter Pages 419–426

Fractal Tilings Based on Dissections of Polyhexes Robert W. Fathauer Pages 427–434

Mosaic Art: from Pebbles to Pixels Irene Rousseau Pages 435–442

Serial Polar Transformation Motifs Revisited Gary R. Greenfield Pages 443–448

Orderly Tangles Revisited George W. Hart Pages 449–456

Factor Group Transformations on Escher Patterns Joshua Jacobs Pages 457–462

Symmetrical Hamiltonian Manifolds on Regular 3D and 4D Polytopes Carlo H. Séquin Pages 463–472

Coxeter and the Artists: Two-Way Inspiration, Part 2 Doris Schattschneider Pages 473–480

Polyhedral Transformation: Explosion-Implosion Robert McDermott Pages 481–488

Some New Tilings of the Sphere with Congruent Triangles Robert J. MacG. Dawson Pages 489–496

H.S.M. Coxeter and Tony Bomford's Colored Hyperbolic Rugs Douglas Dunham Pages 497–504

Paper Polylinks George W. Hart Pages 505–508

A Thousand Cranes and Statistics Cheryl Whitelaw Pages 509–510

A Method for Illustrating Border and Wallpaper Patterns Gwen L. Fisher Pages 511–518

Tessellation Techniques Stefanie Mandelbaum and Jacqueline S. Guttman Pages 519–520

Connecting Gross-motor Movement, Dance, and Mathematics in the Elementary Curriculum Virginia Usnick and Marilyn Sue Ford Pages 521–522

A Physical Proof for Five and Only Five Regular Solids Robert McDermott Pages 523–528

Playing Mathematics and Doing Music John Belcher Pages 529–530

Dynamic Geometry/Art in Mathematics Classroom Mara Alagic and Diana Palenz Pages 531–535


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