Database Design for Represent Genetic Information and Environment Impression in Architectural Design

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Soghra.V. Sayyaad Rahim: Database Design for Represent Genetic Information and Environment Impression in Architectural Design. In: Generative Art 2007.



One of the way to access many types of design is combination of three types of design in generative design, such as parametric, genetic algorithm and shape grammar in a database with many fields as genes that can related with other database ( as chromosomes or environment agents) .The main fields are Primary shapes ( two or three dimensional shape ),Transformation language field as verbs, nouns, adjectives the architect used [1] can represent with transformation matrix, Spatial relationship field (bounded polyline shapes in a groups of shapes or subshapes[2]) so can represent with transformation matrix , a memo field for transformation sequence stores the shape grammar and is a genotype for objects ,that is made in program process ,many fields for many fitness value that compute in program process and finally a total fitness value field that can used with weighting for each fitness value[3].

The phenotype with a script file can represent in CAD or other graphic tools. With mutation in gene or chromosomes as deletion, insertion, duplication, inversion , translocation (of fields ) and crossover in one ,two and so point, only with exchange the fields value we can able to generate many shapes and objects. With append one or many fields of database information to another we able to complicate the genetic information of creatures. We can relate databases with key field and change the values of fields with program. This simple programs can able the users to access many records for next use.

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