Dynamic Sketching: Simulating the Process of Observational Drawings

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Jingbo Liu, Hongbo Fu and Chiew-Lan Tai: Dynamic Sketching: Simulating the Process of Observational Drawings. In: Computational Aesthetics 2014.




The creation process of a drawing provides a vivid visual progression, allowing the audience to better comprehend the drawing. It also enables numerous stroke-based rendering techniques. In this work we tackle the problem of simulating the process of observational drawing, that is, how people draw lines when sketching a given 3D model. We present a multi-phase drawing framework and the concept of sketching entropy, which provides a unified way to model stroke selection and ordering, both within and across phases. We demonstrate the proposed ideas for the sketching of organic objects and show a visually plausible simulation of their dynamic sketching process.

Extended Abstract


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