Fireworks: Evolutionary art project based on EvoSpace-Interactive

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Leonardo Trujillo and Mario Garcia-Valdez and Francisco Fernandez-de-Vega and Juan-J. Merelo: Fireworks: Evolutionary art project based on EvoSpace-Interactive. 2013 IEEE Conference on Evolutionary Computation, Vol. 1, pp. 2871-2878, June 20-23 2013.



This paper presents a collaborative-interactive evolutionary algorithm (C-IEA) that evolves artistic animations and is executed on the web. The application is called Fireworks, since the animations that are produced are similar to an elaborate fireworks display. The system is built using the EvoSpace platform for distributed and asynchronous evolutionary algorithms. EvoSpace provides a central repository for the evolving population and remote clients, called EvoWorkers, that interact with the system to perform fitness evaluation using an interactive approach. The artistic animations are coded using the Processing programming language that facilitates rapid development of computer graphics applications for artists and graphic designers. The system promotes user collaboration and interaction by allowing many users to participate in population evaluation and because the system incorporates social networking. Initial results show that the proposed C-IEA can allow users to produce interesting artistic artifacts that incorporate preferences from several users, evolving dynamic animations that are unique within evolutionary art.

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