Generative Art: Fuzzy Polygon Clipping in Program Generated Line Oriented Drawings

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Dehlinger, Hans E.: Generative Art: Fuzzy Polygon Clipping in Program Generated Line Oriented Drawings. In: EvoMUSART 2004, S. 419-426.



The paper addresses aspects of Generative Art with a focus on algorithmically generated drawings of high density, executed on pen-plotters. Special attention is given to the concept of fuzzy clipping, extending the classical approaches to the clipping of line drawings. Strategies for fuzzy clipping are discussed and illustrated. The generating program is regarded as a personal vehicle designed for experiments of an artist. It supports the pursued intentions on the basis of defined preferences. The universe of hand-generated drawings is compared to the universe of program-generated drawings. It is argued that the richness of the universe of program generated drawings reveals aesthetic properties, which rival those of the universe of hand drawings. Examples of generated drawings are used to demonstrate the range of variety in the output of the generator.

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Dehlinger, H.E.: Tier nach links. 45 cm / 54 cm, plotterdrawing, pencil on paper


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