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Zeile 19: Zeile 19:
* Anthony Viscardi: “REBAR” : making the ordinary-extraordinary - Arms, Wings and Mechanical Things (poster).
* Anthony Viscardi: “REBAR” : making the ordinary-extraordinary - Arms, Wings and Mechanical Things (poster).
* Carlos Aguilar - Hod Lipson: SEURAT: robotic painter.
* Carlos Aguilar - Hod Lipson: [[SEURAT: robotic painter]].
* Celestino Soddu: Alive Codeness.
* Celestino Soddu: Alive Codeness.
Zeile 29: Zeile 29:
* Enrica Colabella: Generative Art.
* Enrica Colabella: Generative Art.
* Gail Kenning: Exploring Evolutionary Possibilities for Digital Doilies.
* Gail Kenning: [[Exploring Evolutionary Possibilities for Digital Doilies]].
* Hector Rodriguez: Kinematograph.
* Hector Rodriguez: Kinematograph.

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Celestino Soddu (ed.): Generative Art 2008 GA2008, XII generative Art Conference 16-18 December 2008. ISBN: 978-88-96610-01-5.



Extended Abstract



Table of contents

  • Enrica Colabella - Celestino Soddu - Su Stentu: in tundu tundu, ad continuum. performance
  • Celestino Soddu: Ad continuum following the invention of G.B. Piranesi. poster
  • Maria Ludovica Tramontin - Alessandro Uras: From to digital to fabrication: an academic experience at the University of Cagliari. poster
  • Chiara Geroldi: Force & Geometry. poster
  • Heloisa Helena da Fonseca Carneiro Leão: Is It Possible That Aesthetics Actions Promote Habit Changes And Tinge the World With A New Color? short paper
  • Mehrdad Garousi: Travelling through an infinite loop of planets. artwork
  • Sofia Oliveira - Jared Hawkey: TODAY – Mobile Application by CADA. artwork
  • Laurel Johannesson: Respiro. artwork
  • Jeanne Criscola: Tech_no_logica. artwork
  • Jennifer Kincaid: SIX FACTORIAL TIMES FOUR TO THE SIXTH. artwork
  • Paul Kirby: presentation of his artwork made with robots. attending the conference
  • Linda Chiu-han Lai: participating to discussions. attending the conference
  • Tamara Lai: no future baby? web installation
  • Anabela Costa: LIQST_liquid state. movie
  • David Gladstein: FF—. movie


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