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Extended Abstract



Table of contents

C.Soddu, E.Colabella: Opening.

Alan Dunning: Doppelganger: a technological ghost.

Alec Groysman: Abstraction in Art, Science, Technology and Engineering.

Basak Ucar: Constant Redefinition of Boundaries in Responsive Environments: Unpredictability and Boredom as Provoking Impulses.

Boris Magrini: Can and should generative art be political?

Bridget Baird, Andrea Wollensak: OBSTACLE/FLOW: interactive presence project.

Celestino Soddu: Logics of Imagination. Generative Art performs the Artist Style as Executable Process.

Daniel Bisig, Pablo Palacio: STOCOS – Dance in a Synergistic Environment.

Derya Gulec Ozer, Sinan Mert Sener, Cagri Zaman: Optimization of user accessibility using genetic algoritm: aDA.

Dmitry Weise: Phyllotaxis of the vatican pigna.

Elif Belkıs ÖKSÜZ, Gülen ÇAĞDAŞ: Simulating the organization of multi-cellular organisms within the framework of spatial relations in architecture.

Enrica Colabella: Rhythm in Generative Art. Poster: Generative Art Criteria.

Ferhan Kiziltepe: A brief essay onto JoeL- Peter Witkin from symmetry perspective + artwork: Two sculptures from inside of noneuclid space.

Guzden Varinlioglu, Yekta Ipek, Gulen Cagdas: Visualisation of Archaeological Data Using Voronoi Diagrams

Igor Peteh: The art of transcription + performance: Madrigals and Motets.

Jean-Paul Courchia, Guigui Sarah, Courchia Benjamin: The unit of vision: the concept of opsieme.

Karina Moraes Zarzar: Jan Jans’ Iconographic Regionalism in The Netherlands.

Mahnaz Shah: Le Corbusier’s Potato Building Typology 1962-65.

Maria Kerkidou, Anastasia Pechlivanidou-Liakata: Spatial formations of interacting agents.

Marie-Pascale Corcuff: From labyrinths and recursive folds towards generative architecture.

Michele Leigh: Animated Music: Early Experiments with Generative Art.

Oliver Gingrich, Alain Renaud: Generative Art - Interactive Art: Delineations, Crossovers and Differences.

Peter Beyls: Autonomy, influence and emergence in an audiovisual ecosystem + installation:PETRI.

Philip Galanter: Generative Art after Computers + artwork: TSP Analytics: solver.

Phillip Hermans: Computer Modelling and Analysis of Goal-Oriented Acoustic Music Compositions.

Quinsan Ciao

Remi Ronfard, Quentin Doussot: Generating 3D Scenes in the style of Keith Haring.

Robert Spahr: Generative Processes Resulting in CRUFT: Experiments in Indeterminism, Feedback and Mindfulness + performance.

Silvia Titotto, Clice Mazzilli: Floating Transgenesis.

Simon Schofield: An approach to creating very large, high resolution artistic printed images.

Sonja Nikolic: Generative Art of Nature – Molecules.

Stanislav Roudavski, Gwyllim Jahn: Emergent Materiality through an Embedded Multi-Agent System + artwork: Freeze-Volume Perceptions: Seeing Dynamic Architectural Systems through Static 3D Prints.

Tatsuo Unemi: Synthesis of sound effects for generative animation. Installation: A fully automated evolutionary art.

Valery Vermeulen: The EMO-Synth, an intelligent music and image generator directed by human emotion + liveperformance: Montage Cinema Revived by the EMO-Synth.

Yekta Ipek, Guzden Varinlioglu, Gulen Cagdas: An alternative approach to structural optimisation in generative design.

Alettia Vorster Chisin: The social designer: a narrative vignette of lived experience in design teaching and supervision.

Anna Chupa

Anna Ursyn: Timetable.


Dai Juren, Li Dezhao: Parametric design in representation of culture.

Julie Clarke: The Body and the City.

Laurence Gartel

Massimo Gasperini: Spirals from a board.

Mehrdad Garousi: Let Me Go.

Shih-Ting Tsai: The Interior.

Malgorzata Dancewicz, Krzysztof Pawlik: re-membering re-called.

Marco Cardini: PAGe of light.


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