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" Tiny Guy said, Immediately after the college students are concerned to go dwelling and convey to the mom and dad fined, the price tag of liing is not more than enough to locate students borrow, borrow bumban outdoors to uncover classmates,

we can only criticize the instructor in the back again, no 1 would dare to mirror the school. "prepared to be punished, as long as the students examination perfectly,

I hae no regrets" for a high-quality open to learners concerning the reporter was remoed back links to the class instructor Wang. "There is this matter, genuinely wonderful, do not master it fine.

" Wang frankly, a wonderful object largely for all those learners who do not find out and influence other college students to understand, there is a good of for fie, the other is the fine of yuan of revenue in the hands of class cadres,

"I did not dipped funds, and neer will get a penny rayban wayfarer. " for why the use of a fine way to punish "college students who do not study," Wang explained, ray ban sale Louis Vuitton bags outlet

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