Idea in a Bottle — A New Method for Creativity in Open Innovation

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Matthias R. Guertler, Christopher Muenzberg and Udo Lindemann: Idea in a Bottle — A New Method for Creativity in Open Innovation. In: Computational Creativity 2013 ICCC 2013, 194-197.



This paper presents an approach to increase the creativi- ty of ideas/solutions in an idea contest. Analog to a let- ter in a bottle tasks are distributed in a randomized way to potential problem solvers. The idea contest is a method from Open Innovation which opens a compa- ny’s innovation process to its environment (e.g. cus- tomers, suppliers). By using idea contests the creative potential of a large crowd of people can be used for de- veloping innovative solutions for a specific task. Never- theless, based on experience from industry projects we found that creativity often is limited. This paper pre- sents an approach for increasing the creative potential of participants. The new integrated method combines idea contest with lead user’s methods and aspects from synectics and communication.

Extended Abstract


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