Mosaic: Sketch-Based Interface for Creating Digital Decorative Mosaics

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Rinat Abdrashitov, Karan Singh, JiaXian Yao and Emilie Guy: Mosaic: Sketch-Based Interface for Creating Digital Decorative Mosaics. In: Computational Aesthetics 2014.



Mosaic is a sketch-based system that simplifies and automates the creation of digital decorative mosaics from scratch. The creation of each tile piece of unique shape, color and orientation, in a complex mosaic is a tedious process. Our core contribution is two-fold: first, we present a new tile growing algorithm, that balances the shape and placement of tiles with need for uniform grout; second, we develop a suite of sketch-based tools on top of this algorithm to create and clone tiles and tile patterns along sketched paths, and color them efficiently. A user evaluation shows that our system makes the creation of mosaics fast and accessible to a broad audience.

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