On-line Knowledge Embedding for Interactive EC-based Montage System

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Hideyuki Takagi and Katsuhiro Kishi: On-line Knowledge Embedding for Interactive EC-based Montage System. Third International Conference on Knowledge-Based Intelligent Information Engineering Systems (KES'99), Adelaide, Australia, pp.280-283 (31st August - 1st September, 1999).




Proposes an online knowledge embedding method for interactive evolutionary computation (EC) to reduce human fatigue. Online knowledge embedding is a method in which a user explicitly uses search hints that he obtains during an interactive EC operation for the next search. To evaluate this method, we developed two interactive EC-based montage systems. Our montage systems generate images of a face by combining six different part-images. The first system embeds the user's intention in an EC search and the second does not. The results of subjective tests and other evaluation measurements have shown that the proposed method realizes a faster convergence than ordinary interactive EC searches do

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