SBART 2.4: an IEC tool for creating 2D images, movies, and collage

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Unemi, T.: SBART 2.4: an IEC tool for creating 2D images, movies, and collage. In: Proceedings of 2000 Genetic and Evolutionary Computational Conference, NV, USA, p. 153 (2000),



This paper describes an overview of the inside of SBART 2.4, an interactive tool to create an abstract 2D images, collage, and movies. It is one of the successors of Karl Sims’ sys- tem running on a small size computer, which uses a function to calculate the color value for each pixel as a genotype. All of the ranges and domains are three dimensional vectors. It has multi-field user interface to enhance the diversity of production. It also has op- tional facilities to create collage of external images, and to make a short movie.

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Used References

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