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  1. 09291 Abstracts Collection -- Computational Creativity: an interdisciplinary approach
  2. 09291 Summary -- Computational Creativity: an interdisciplinary approach
  3. 2-Manifold Sculptures
  4. 3-D CG lighting with an interactive GA
  5. 3D-Dithered Ortho-Pictures: 3D Models from Independent 2D Images
  6. 3D Geological Modeling using Sketches and Annotations from Geologic Maps
  7. 3D Visualization Model of the Regular Polytopes in Four and Higher Dimensions
  8. AARON, Colorist: from Expert System to Expert
  9. AARON’s Code: Meta-Art, Artificial Intelligence, and the Work of Harold Cohen
  10. ANGELINA – Coevolution in Automated Game Design
  12. A 3D Modeling System for Creative Design
  13. A 7-Fold System for Creating Islamic Geometric Patterns Part 1: Historical Antecedents
  14. A 7-Fold System for Creating Islamic Geometric Patterns Part 2: Contemporary Expression
  15. A Benchmark Image Set for Evaluating Stylization
  16. A Breeding Tool for Abstract Animations and Its Applications
  17. A Case Study from the Point of View of Aesthetics: A Dialogue Between an Artist and a Computer Scientist
  18. A Combined Junction-Cue Dictionary for Labelling Sketch Drawings with Artistic Shadows and Table-line Cues
  19. A Comparison Between Representations for Evolving Images
  20. A Complexity Approach for Identifying Aesthetic Composite Landscapes
  21. A Computer Model for the Generation of Visual Compositions
  22. A Creative Analogy Machine: Results and Challenges
  23. A Critical View of the Evolutionary Design of Self-assembling Systems
  24. A Digital Prototyping System for Designing Novel 3D Geometries
  25. A Digital Tribute to M.C. Escher
  26. A Discussion on Serendipity in Creative Systems
  27. A Domain Independent Genetic Programming Approach to Automatic Feature Extraction for Image Classification
  28. A Fast Algorithm for Creating Turing-McCabe Patterns
  29. A Fitness Function for Creativity in Jazz Improvisation and Beyond
  30. A Four Strategy Model of Creative Parameter Space Interaction
  31. A Fractal Approach Towards Visual Analogy
  32. A Fully Automatic Evolutionary Art
  33. A Fun Approach to Teaching Geometry and Inspiring Creativity
  34. A GA-P algorithm to automatically formulate extended Boolean queries for a fuzzy information retrieval system
  35. A GP Artificial Ant for image processing: preliminary experiments with EASEA
  36. A Generic Approach to Challenge Modeling for the Procedural Creation of Video Game Levels
  37. A Genetic Algorithm Applied to Content-Based Image Retrieval for Natural Scenes Classification
  38. A Genetic Programming Approach for Image Segmentation
  39. A Genetic Programming Approach for Relevance Feedback in Region-Based Image Retrieval Systems
  40. A Genetic Programming Approach to the Design of Interest Point Operators
  41. A Genetic Programming Based Scheme for Combining Image Operators
  42. A Genetic Programming approach to face recognition
  43. A Geometric Analysis of the Seven Heavens
  44. A Geometrical Representation and Visualization of Möbius Transformation Groups
  45. A History of Creativity for Future AI Research
  46. A Knowledge Based Approach to Modeling Portrait Painting Methodology
  47. A Lamarckian Evolution Strategy for Genetic Algorithms
  48. A Local Search Interface for Interactive Evolutionary Architectural Design
  49. A Mathematica GUI for Generating Conway Tiles
  50. A Mathematical Approach to Obtain Isoperimetric Shapes for D-Form Construction

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