Stroke surfaces: Temporally coherent non-photorealistic animations from video

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John Collomosse, Rowntree, D., Peter M. Hall (2005). Stroke surfaces: Temporally coherent non-photorealistic animations from video. IEEE Trans. Visualization and Comp. Graphics, 11(5): 540–549.



The contribution of this paper is a novel framework for synthesizing nonphotorealistic animations from real video sequences. We demonstrate that, through automated mid-level analysis of the video sequence as a spatiotemporal volume - a block of frames with time as the third dimension - we are able to generate animations in a wide variety of artistic styles, exhibiting a uniquely high degree of temporal coherence. In addition to rotoscoping, matting, and novel temporal effects unique to our method, we demonstrate the extension of static nonphotorealistic rendering (NPR) styles to video, including painterly, sketchy, and cartoon shading. We demonstrate how this novel coherent shading framework may be combined with our earlier motion emphasis work to produce a comprehensive "video paintbox" capable of rendering complete cartoon-styled animations from video clips.

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