The darwinian structure of the design process

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Riccardo Antonini: The darwinian structure of the design process. In: Generative Art 2001.



This text is meant only to be a stimulus for the discussion to be held, in a specific panel, at Generative Art 2001. In the text, “provocative enough” to spur animated discussion, some very basics of darwinism and genetics are given with the only purpose of declaring a common “stage for the play” where everybody feels at ease. Common stage and common vocabulary if not even common language. The main thesis is very strong, therefore comments and critics are warmly encouraged. They are the selective pressure that steers the evolution of ideas. We all need them. The thesis is basically the following: “Every creative process is a darwinian one”. Besides, it will be shown that it is also a very peculiar one where the information and its implementation sometimes switch their role one another. 1

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