ANGELINA – Coevolution in Automated Game Design

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Michael Cook and Simon Colton: ANGELINA – Coevolution in Automated Game Design. In: Computational Creativity 2012 ICCC 2012, 228.



ANGELINA is a co-operative co-evolutionary system for automatically creating simple videogames. It has previously been used to design both simple arcade-style games and two- dimensional platformers. In the past, ANGELINA’s efforts have been focused on mechanical aspects of design, such as level creation, rule selection and enemy design. We are now in the process of expanding ANGELINA’s remit to cover other aspects of videogame design, including aesthetic prob- lems such as art direction and the selection and use of exter- nal media to evoke emotion or communicate meaning. ...

Extended Abstract


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Used References

Cook, M., and Colton, S. 2011. Automated collage gen- eration - with more intent. In Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Computational Creativity.


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