Automated Collage Generation - With More Intent 2011

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Michael Cook and Simon Colton: Automated Collage Generation - With More Intent. In: Computational Creativity 2011 ICCC 2011, pp. 1-3.



The majority of software has no meta-level perception of what it is doing, or what it intends to achieve. With- out such higher cognitive functions, we might be dis- inclined to bestow creativity onto such software. We generalise previous work on collage generation, which attempted to blur the line between the intentionality of the programmer and that of the software in the visual arts. Firstly, we embed the collage generation process into a computational creativity collective, which con- tains processes and mashups of processes, designed so that the output of one generative system becomes the input of another. Secondly, we analyse the previous approach to collage generation to determine where in- tentionality arose, leading to experimentation where we test whether augmented keyword searches can enable the software to exert more intentional control.

Extended Abstract


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