Design Space for Patterns and Tilings Competition 2015 Multipage

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The goal of this periodic programming competition is to develop methods that can explore a very general but on the other hand specific design space of patterns and tilings (see DS-definition), implement those methods and apply them to built alongside a repository of generation commands for interesting patterns and tilings that could be used directly in image editing by contemporary and future artists, illustrators, designers, ... under an appropriate open source license.

n image editing a mathematical compass and straight-edge construction approach is not helping. One must be able to built these structures by prototiles shaped cut-out image parts. For example: The red equilateral triangle on transparent background in the figure below is the prototile that assembles the p3m1 symmetry group image. To built a tile with it would lead to a red image (possible with some gaps) which is good for counting possible gap pixel but not so useful for image editing purposes. Therefore the red shape is used as a mask together with a parent image; with the right type of compositing function a triangle part of the parent image is cut out (p3m1_G1); again with transparent background. With such a prototile a pattern generation in image editing makes sense and could done by a sequence of image processing commands (CRMT-commands: clone the prototile, rotate it, mirror it, translate it over a pattern image to a specific position).

P3m1 Prototile.png

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