Interactive EC-based Signal Processing

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Hideyuki Takagi and Norimasa Hayashida: Interactive EC-based Signal Processing. 4th Asia-Pacific Conference on Simulated Evolution And Learning (SEAL2002), Singapore, pp.375-379 (November 18-22, 2002).



We introduce new types of signal processing for which the characteristics of the signal processing filters are designed automatically by interactive evolutionary computation (IEC) based on human perception, such as hearing or vision. We first describe our existing works that use this approach, such as recovering distorted speech and hearing-aid fitting, as well as other related works in this field. Next, we evalu- ate the capabilities of visual-based image signal processing using IEC and compare it with conventional linear filters for the tasks of edge detection, high pass filtering, and horizon- tal / vertical component filtering. The experimental com- parisons show that the performances of both methods are similar, which means that the new approach, without a pri- ori knowledge on signal processing, is useful when signal processing users are not signal processing experts such as is the case in medical image processing or photo-retouch design.

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