Procedural Generation of Surface Detail for Science Fiction Spaceships

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Kate Kinnear, Craig S. Kaplan: Procedural Generation of Surface Detail for Science Fiction Spaceships. In: Pauline Jepp, Oliver Deussen (Eds.): Eurographics Workshop on Computational Aesthetics, 2010. 83-90



Procedural modelling can be used to generate digital content such as 3D digital models programmatically. In computer graphics, Procedural modelling has focused primarily on natural scenery and cityscapes. This paper considers the use of procedural modelling in a new domain: science fiction spaceships. We examine aesthetic principles as they relate to the beauty and visual interest of spaceships, especially surface details, and determine how these principles can be applied in a practical procedural modelling algorithm.We describe a prototype system that synthesizes and distributes surface details on large-scale spaceships. Given a surface representing the frame of a spaceship, we distribute geometry automatically in a coherent manner to achieve a characteristic science fiction aesthetic.

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