You Can’t Know my Mind: A Festival of Computational Creativity

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Simon Colton and Dan Ventura: You Can’t Know my Mind: A Festival of Computational Creativity. In: Computational Creativity 2014 ICCC 2014, 351-354.



We report on a week-long celebration of Computational Cre- ativity research and practice in a gallery in Paris, France. The festival was called You Can’t Know my Mind, and was in- tended to introduce to the public the idea that researchers such as ourselves are writing software to be surprisingly un- predictable and creative in nature. The festival included a tra- ditional art exhibition with a vernissage, a live music evening, a poetry night coupled with a food tasting, and a week long demonstration of mood-driven portraiture from The Painting Fool software. Each of the events – which are described here for the first time – involved an element of creative respon- sibility taken on by various software systems. The success of the festival was demonstrated in terms of attendance and feedback, pieces written by journalists, and follow up events which have taken place in 2013 and 2014.

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