A Benchmark Image Set for Evaluating Stylization

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David Mould and Paul L. Rosin: A Benchmark Image Set for Evaluating Stylization. In: Computational Aesthetics 2016 CAE'16, 11-20.




The non-photorealistic rendering community has had difficulty evaluating its research results. Other areas of computer graphics, and related disciplines such as computer vision, have made progress by comparing algorithms' performance on common datasets, or benchmarks. We argue for the benefits of establishing a benchmark image set to which image stylization methods can be applied, simplifying the comparison of methods, and broadening the testing to which a given method is subjected. We propose a preliminary set of benchmark images, representing a range of possible subject matter and image features of interest to researchers, and we describe the policies, tradeoffs, and reasoning that led us to the particular images in the set.

Extended Abstract


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