A Fully Automatic Evolutionary Art

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Tatsuo Unemi: A Fully Automatic Evolutionary Art. In: Computational Creativity 2013 ICCC 2013, 228.



This is a project of an automatic art that the computer autonomously produces animations of a type of abstract im- ages. Figure 1 is a typical frame image of an animation. A custom software, SBArt4 version 3, developed by the au- thor is tanking a main role of the work, that based on a ge- netic algorithm utilizing computational aesthetic measures as fitness function (Unemi 2012a). The fitness value is a weighted geometric mean of measures including complex- ity, global contrast factor, distribution of color values, dis- tribution of edge angles, difference of color values between consecutive frame images, and so on. ...

Extended Abstract


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Demo video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XBej nlu-Hg


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