A Genetic Algorithm Applied to Content-Based Image Retrieval for Natural Scenes Classification

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Yolanda Pérez-Pimentel; Ismael Osuna-Galan; Juan Villegas-Cortez; Carlos Avilés-Cruz: A Genetic Algorithm Applied to Content-Based Image Retrieval for Natural Scenes Classification. Artificial Intelligence (MICAI), 2014 13th Mexican International Conference on, 155 - 161.




The Content-Based Image Retrieval (CBIR) techniques comprise methodologies intended to retrieve self-content descriptors over the image data set being studied according to the type of the image. The main purpose of CBIR consists in classifying images avoiding the use of manual labels related to understanding of the image by the human being vision. In this work we provide a new CBIR procedure which works with local texture analysis, and which is developed in a non supervised fashion, clustering the local achieved descriptors and classifying them with the use of a K-means algorithm supported by the genetic algorithm. This method has been deployed in LabVIEW software, programming each part of the procedure in order to implement it in hardware. The results are very promising, reaching up to 90% of recall for natural scene classification.

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