A Virtual Modeling System for Intuitive 3D Shape Conceptualization

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Hiroaki Nishino, Hideyuki Takagi, Sato Saga, and Kouichi Utsumiya: A Virtual Modeling System for Intuitive 3D Shape Conceptualization. IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics (SMC2002), Hammamet, Tunisia, vol.4, pp.541-546 (October 6-9, 2002).




We propose an approach to build a 3D modeling environment for aiding new shape conceptualization. The proposed system consists of the following four functional components: (a) a freehand sketch Interface to allow the user to easily bring his/her rough design idea into a 2D geometric model, (b) a shape approximation module (SAM) to automatically convert the sketched 2D image into a 3D deformable model, (c) a 3D shape exploration tool to generate variety of 3D models by evolving the converted 3D model, and (d) a parametric 3D modeler to sophisticate the evolved shapes. The freehand sketch Interface employs a fuzzy Inference technique to flexibly Identify a user's handwritten image as one of seven geometric primitives commonly used in many CAD tools. After the freehand sketch Is automatically converted to a 3D model by the SAM, the model Is evolved by using a technique called Interactive Evolutionary Computation (IEC). IEC automatically generates and deforms the model according to the user's rating and allows even beginners to easily produce interesting shapes. Advanced users and experts are encouraged to use parametric modeler to finish the model with elaboration.

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