A framework for photo-quality assessment and enhancement based on visual aesthetics

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Bhattacharya, S., Sukthankar, R., Shah, M.: A framework for photo-quality assessment and enhancement based on visual aesthetics. In: Proceedings of the international conference on Multimedia, ACM (2010) 271-280




We present an interactive application that enables users to improve the visual aesthetics of their digital photographs using spatial recomposition. Unlike earlier work that focuses either on photo quality assessment or interactive tools for photo editing, we enable the user to make informed decisions about improving the composition of a photograph and to implement them in a single framework. Specifically, the user interactively selects a foreground object and the system presents recommendations for where it can be moved in a manner that optimizes a learned aesthetic metric while obeying semantic constraints. For photographic compositions that lack a distinct foreground object, our tool provides the user with cropping or expanding recommendations that improve its aesthetic quality. We learn a support vector regression model for capturing image aesthetics from user data and seek to optimize this metric during recomposition. Rather than prescribing a fully-automated solution, we allow user-guided object segmentation and inpainting to ensure that the final photograph matches the user's criteria. Our approach achieves 86% accuracy in predicting the attractiveness of unrated images, when compared to their respective human rankings. Additionally, 73% of the images recomposited using our tool are ranked more attractive than their original counterparts by human raters.

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