A generative remixing of music tracks based on an interactive swarm

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"Identity SA" is an interactive and generative installation that combines a swarm- based simulation with real time camera based interaction that we presented at GA conference 2007. We extended it by embedding two methods to generate sounds and music from pre-recorded sampled sounds. One is to let agent trigger sounds at intervals that are synchronized to a particular musical rhythm. The other one is to generate sounds whose transposition and timing is purely related to the agent's properties. The probability that an agent triggers a sound is proportional to the square of its angular velocity for both cases. By mixture of these two methods, it generates a rich variety of attractive sounds that react with the visitor's motion.

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Used References

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http://www.generativeart.com/on/cic/papersGA2008/30.pdf (no c&p)

http://libra.msra.cn/Publication/2373084/improvised-music-with-swarms (GA08Unemi.pdf)

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