A unified information-theoretic framework for viewpoint selection and mesh saliency

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Miquel Feixas , Mateu Sbert , Francisco González: A unified information-theoretic framework for viewpoint selection and mesh saliency. In: Computational Aesthetics 2006.



Viewpoint selection is an emerging area in computer graphics with applications in fields such as scene under- standing, volume visualization, image-based modeling, and molecular visualization. In this paper, we present a unified framework for viewpoint selection and mesh saliency based on the definition of an information channel between a set of viewpoints and the set of polygons of an object. The mutual information of this channel is a powerful tool to deal with viewpoint selection and mesh visibility. In addition, the Jensen-Shannon divergence, closely related to mutual information, gives us a measure of viewpoint similarity and permits us to obtain the object saliency. Although we deal with the sphere of viewpoints around an object, our framework is also valid for any set of viewpoints in a closed scene. Several experiments show the robustness of the presented approach and the good behavior of the proposed measures.

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