Active User Intervention in an EC Search

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Hideyuki Takagi: Active User Intervention in an EC Search. International Conference on Information Sciences (JCIS2000,) Atlantic City, NJ, USA, pp.995-998 (Feb. 27 - Mar. 3, 2000)



We propose two interactive evo- lutionary computation (IEC) methods that al- low users to actively participate in an EC search. This is different from a conventional IEC in which the search and evaluation are performed by the EC and the user, respec- tively. The first method is one in which in- formation obtained from an IEC search is ex- plicitly incorporated into the EC search for the next generation using on-line knowledge embedding. The second is a method that in- troduces a 2-D visualization of an n-D search- ing space. The acceleration of EC conver- gence and the user interface were experimen- tally evaluated for both methods.

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