Adding Dynamics to Sketch-based Character Animations

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Martin Guay, Rémi Ronfard, Michael Gleicher, and Marie-Paule Cani: Adding Dynamics to Sketch-based Character Animations. In: Computational Aesthetics 2015 SBIM'15, 27-34.



Cartoonists and animators often use lines of action to emphasize dynamics in character poses. In this paper, we propose a physically-based model to simulate the line of action's motion, leading to rich motion from simple drawings. Our proposed method is decomposed into three steps. Based on user-provided strokes, we forward simulate 2D elastic motion. To ensure continuity across keyframes, we re-target the forward simulations to the drawn strokes. Finally, we synthesize a 3D character motion matching the dynamic line. The fact that the line can move freely like an elastic band raises new questions about its relationship to the body over time. The line may move faster and leave body parts behind, or the line may slide slowly towards other body parts for support. We conjecture that the artist seeks to maximize the filling of the line (with the character's body)---while respecting basic realism constraints such as balance. Based on these insights, we provide a method that synthesizes 3D character motion, given discontinuously constrained body parts that are specified by the user at key moments.

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