An Image Retrieval Method Based on a Genetic Algorithm

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S. Kato and S.-i. Iisaku: An Image Retrieval Method Based on a Genetic Algorithm. 13th International Conference on Information Networking (ICOIN'98), 333 - 336.



This paper describes an image retrieval system based on a genetic algorithm with an interactive mechanism that dynamically reflects the subjectivity of individual users in the retrieval results. A technique for enhancing circumstantial dependence that corresponds to a change of the user's mind is also newly presented. In this approach, without explicit representation of the desired image, the image is nevertheless induced through feature selection based on the diverse, fragmentary, and ambiguous subjective intent of the user. This points the way to a powerful image retrieval system that is capable of guessing the subjective intent in the mind of the user and is not dependent on overt representation of images

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