An approach to creating very large, high resolution artistic printed images

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Simon Schofield: An approach to creating very large, high resolution artistic printed images. In: Generative Art 2012.



Contemporary printing processes, such as wall and floor graphics, offer artists the potential to create very large-scale pieces. However creating images that exploit both the potential size (say many metres square) AND resolution of the media (say 200 dpi), is very difficult using standard bitmap editing software as both the creative processes involved and file sizes become too cumbersome to manage. We present an approach to this problem that uses a combination of algorithmic techniques to control the generation of such an image as a set of non-repeating, seamlessly tiled sections, and facilitate a high degree of artistic authorship throughout the process. Our approach also necessitates the use of generative techniques, primarily in generating a very high degree of local detail over the entire surface of the image. We also hypothesise a further generative technique for building potentially limitless images at high resolutions. A working example is given.

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