An engineering approach to evolutionary art

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Hemert, J.I.V., Jansen, M. (2001). An engineering approach to evolutionary art. In: Proceedings of the Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference. Springer, 177.



We present a general system that evolves art on the Internet. The system runs on a server which enables it to collect information about its usage world wide; its core uses operators and representations from genetic programming. We show two types of art that can be evolved using this general system. In evolutionary art we strive for a system that creates art using the principle of evolution: The survival of the fittest, or in this case, the survival of the most beautiful. Often this goal is achieved using an evolutionary algorithm of some form. All systems share a common feature: Human intervention to determine what is nice and what is ugly, in other words, a user induced fitness function. The evolutionary algorithm used here is a crossing between a genetic program and a generic evolutionary algorithm. Most of its features are from genetic programming, but it does not share the main paradigm of creating executable material that can be applied to many different inputs. We point the ...

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J.I. van Hemert and M.J.M. Jansen. An engin- eering approach to evolutionary art. Technical Report tr2001-01, Leiden Institute for Advanced Computer Science, Leiden University, 2001. 404


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