Animated drawings rendered by genetic programming

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Perry Barile, Vic Ciesielski, Marsha Berry, Karen Trist: Animated drawings rendered by genetic programming. In: GECCO '09 Proceedings of the 11th Annual conference on Genetic and evolutionary computation, 939-946.



We describe an approach to generating animations of drawings that start as a random collection of strokes and gradually resolve into a recognizable subject. The strokes are represented as tree based genetic programs. An animation is generated by rendering the best individual in a generation as a frame of a movie. The resulting animations have an engaging characteristic in which the target slowly emerges from a random set of strokes. We have generated two qualitatively different kinds of animations, ones that use grey level straight line strokes and ones that use binary Bezier curve stokes. Around 100,000 generations are needed to generate engaging animations. Population sizes of 2 and 4 give the best convergence behaviour. Convergence can be accelerated by using information from the target in drawing a stroke. Our approach provides a large range of creative opportunities for artists. Artists have control over choice of target and the various stroke parameters.

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