Animating Persian Floral Patterns

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Katayoon Etemad, Faramarz F. Samavati, Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz: Animating Persian Floral Patterns. In: Douglas W. Cunningham, Victoria Interrante, Paul Brown, Jon McCormack (Eds.): Eurographics Workshop on Computational Aesthetics, 2008. 25-32



In this paper we describe Persian floral patterns and explore techniques for animating them. We present several approaches for this dynamic recreation: visualizing pattern symmetries, illustrating their design process, and simulating plant growth. For creating a pleasant illusion of a never-ending movie, we also explore an infinitely cycling effect for self-similar patterns. The construction of animating patterns is started by interactive modeling of plant elements using NURBS. We then use procedural techniques to control the animation.

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