Art and artificial life — a coevolutionary approach

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Bedau, M. ; McCaskill, J. ; Packard, N. ; Rasmussen, S. (2000). Art and artificial life — a coevolutionary approach. In Bedau, M., et al., eds.: Artificial Live VII Conference Proceedings. Cambridge, Massachusetts. MIT Press, 529–536.



Looking backwards, we recall art of Sommerer and Mignonneau, Sims, and Latham that was inspired by artificial life principles. Assessing current artificial life inspired art, we examine the methods of fitness by aesthetics and user-guided evolution of evolving expressions as practiced by Rooke, Ibrahim, Musgrave, Unemi and the author. Looking forwards, we consider autonomously evolved artistic works using algorithmic aesthetics. We survey what little is known about this topic and proceed to describe our new coevolutionary approach based on hosts and parasites

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