Atoms of EVE: a Bayesian basis for aesthetics of style in sketching

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Burns, K.: Atoms of EVE: a Bayesian basis for aesthetics of style in sketching. Artificial Intelligence for Engineering, Design, Analysis and Manufacturing 20, 185–199 (2006)



At its root level, style is actually an esthetic agreement between people. The question is, how can esthetic agreements be modeled and measured in artificial intelligence? This paper offers a formal theory called EVE′ and applies it to a novel test bed of dynamic drawings that combine features of music and sketching. The theory provides mathematical measures of expectations, violations, and explanations, which are argued to be the atomic components of the esthetic experience. The approach employs Bayesian methods to extend information measures proposed in other research. In particular, it is shown that information theory is useful at an entropic level to measure expectations (E) of signals and violations (V) of expectations, but that Bayesian theory is needed at a semantic level to measure explanations (E′) of meaning for the signals. The entropic and semantic measures are then combined in further measures of tension and pleasure at an esthetic level that is actually style.

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