Automated content based image retrieval using wavelets

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A. Irfan, Sumari Putra, Hailiza Kamarulhaili: Automated content based image retrieval using wavelets. International Conference on Computational Intelligence, ICCI 2004, December 17-19, 2004, Istanbul, Turkey, Proceedings.



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Automrted image retriwal from large databases using content-based image retrieval (CBIR) is in great demend nowadays rs many areas such as medical and journalism rely on CBIR systems to perform their job. The ever increasing storage sprce needed to hsndle these large volumes of images crll for an efficient way to compress and retrieve images from databescs. CDIR systems aveilsble today, uses color, tertual, shape or a combinrtion of few ferhrres to retrieve image. Among att those features, color and texture setnu to bc the Dain feature uscd in ost CtsIR syltems. Color query catr use difrerent methods to trieve images from database but color histogram is the common method used in CtsIR because they are not semitive to viewpoint chrnges rnd easily computed [21. Tcxture information "rn also be €rhacted after being decomposed using Wavebt transform. In this paper, we shall pr€scnt techniques uscd to extract color and texture information from imeges using wavelet trrnsform.

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