Autonomous flock brush for non-photorealistic rendering

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Huang, H. E., Ong, Y. S., Chen, X.: Autonomous flock brush for non-photorealistic rendering. In: IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation 2012, pp. 1–8. IEEE (2012)



Non-photorealistic rendering systems strive to create compelling stylized effects from realistic images. We present an interactive process using flocks of autonomous agents to model a painter's brush. As flocks of agents glide across the canvas like bristles on a paint brush, a stylized picture can be produced by carefully directing the path of movement. The agents leave behind a trail of color resulting in painterly or pencil sketch looking images.

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author={Hsueh En Huang and Y. S. Ong and X. Chen},
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title={Autonomous flock brush for non-photorealistic rendering},
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