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Tatsuo Unemi: Breeding on site. In: Computational Creativity 2013 ICCC 2013, 227.



This is a live-performance of improvisational productions and playbacks of a type of evolutionary art using a breed- ing tool, SBArt4 version 3 (Unemi 2010). The performer breeds a variety of individual animations using SBArt4 on a machine at his front in a manner of interactive evolution- ary computation, and sends the genotype of his/her favorite individual to SBArt4Player through a network connection. Figure 1 is a schematic illustration of the system setups. Each individual animation that reached the remote machine is played back repeatedly with the synchronized sound ef- fect until another one arrives. Assisted by a mechanism of automated evolution based on computational aesthetic mea- sures as the fitness function, it is relatively easy to produce interesting animations and sound effects efficiently on site (Unemi 2011). ...

Extended Abstract


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Used References

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The projects website is:⇠unemi/sbart/4/breedingOnSite.html

Demo video:


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