Building The Plotter - an Aesthetic Exploration with Drawing Robots

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A. Wanner: Building The Plotter - an Aesthetic Exploration with Drawing Robots. In: Douglas W. Cunningham, Tobias Isenberg (Eds.): Eurographics Workshop on Computational Aesthetics, 2011. Proceedings. 39-46



This paper presents the drawing robot "The Plotter" and an exploratory preliminary study with other drawing robots. Around notions of authorship, control and "Eigensinn", the paper describes these artworks and situates them in a context of generative art and abstract expressionism. Relating to Brooks' subsumption architecture for Artificial Intelligence, this paper addresses the question, if the chosen setup is capable of evoking particular aesthetics that lie beyond the control of the programmer. The paper concludes with describing potential visual attributes of such aesthetics.

Extended Abstract


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