Computational Color Harmony based on Coloroid System

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László Neumann, Antal Nemcsics, Attila Neumann: Computational Color Harmony based on Coloroid System. In: László Neumann, Mateu Sbert, Bruce Gooch, Werner Purgathofer (Eds.): Eurographics Workshop on Computational Aesthetics. 2005. 231-240



This paper presents experimentally based rules and methods for the creation of harmonic color sets. First, dichromatic rules are presented which concern the harmony relationships of two hues. For an arbitrarily given hue pair, we define the just harmonic saturation values, resulting in minimally harmonic color pairs. These values express the fuzzy border between harmony and disharmony regions using a single scalar. Second, the value of harmony is defined corresponding to the contrast of lightness, i.e. the difference of perceptual lightness values. Third, we formulate the harmony value of the saturation contrast, depending on hue and lightness. The results of these investigations form a basis for a unified, coherent dichromatic harmony formula as well as for analysis of polychromatic color harmony. Introduced color harmony rules are based on Coloroid, which is one of the 5 - 6 main color-order systems and furthermore it is an aesthetically uniform continuous color space. Coloroid has simple closed forward and backward transformation formulas with the color space of CIE XYZ. It relies on a huge number of observations and experiments, and it is a very suitable tool of color dynamics for describing aesthetical relationships. It has been used in numerous architectural projects. The experimental data that may be retrieved from them are only partly processed and published so far. Our article utilizes a 'slice' of this database, together with additional complementary observations. This paper is the first of a planned series of articles, dealing with rules and coherences of color harmony based on the Coloroid system.

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