Emergence and generative art

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Monro, Gordon: Emergence and generative art. Leonardo 42(5), 475–477 (2009)




Emergence, the idea that in some sense more comes out of a system than was put in, is the holy grail of generative art. Yet emergence is a slippery concept. Originating in the philosophy of science, it has been taken up in systems theory, cognitive science and Artificial Life. As a consequence there are numerous definitions of emergence in the literature, but none well-suited to discussions of generative art. The paper reviews some existing definitions and proposes a new definition of generative-art emergence.

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Monro, Gordon: THE CONCEPT OF EMERGENCE IN GENERATIVE ART. Master-Thesis, Sydney Conservatorium of Music, University of Sydney, 2007 http://www.gommog.com/archive/docs/MMus_Essay.pdf