Eons of genetically evolved algorithmic images

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Steven Rooke: Eons of genetically evolved algorithmic images. In: Bentley, Peter J.; Corne, David W.: Creative Evolutionary Systems. Academic Press, 2001. 339 - 365




In multicellular organisms, all cells except for germ-line cells (sperm and eggs) contain exactly the same DNA blueprint for their own construction. Yet those identical instructions are carried out sensing their location in the body, and they create different cell types appropriate for all the various tissues and organs needed by the adult organism. This chapter is concerned with computer-generated images produced by a single algorithm applied equally to all pixels: the algorithm is the DNA, and the x- and y-coordinates (one unique pair per pixel) are the location in the “body,” or image. The algorithms are evolved using simulated genetics from purely mathematical or programmatic building blocks that are assembled randomly into populations of individuals and later modified by mutation and mating, under user-applied aesthetic selection.

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