Evaluating Visual Aesthetics in Photographic Portraiture

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Shehroz S. Khan, Daniel Vogel: Evaluating Visual Aesthetics in Photographic Portraiture. In: Douglas W. Cunningham, Donald H. House (Eds.): Workshop on Computational Aesthetics, 2012. 55-62




We propose and demonstrate a strategy to quantify aesthetic quality in photographs. Our approach is to develop a small set of classification features by tuning general compositional principles to a targeted image domain where saliency can be better understood. We demonstrate this strategy with photographic portraits of individuals, but it can be extended to other domains. Our technique leverages a refined method of using templates as spatial composition feature look-up tables. Compared to the traditional approach using a large set of global and local features extracted with little salient knowledge, classifiers using features extracted with our approach are better predictors of human aesthetic judgments.

Extended Abstract


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