Evolutionary Design by Computers

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Peter J. Bentley (Herausgeber): Evolutionary Design by Computers. 1 Aufl., Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, Burlington, 1999, ISBN 978-1558606050, 446 Seiten.



Extended Abstract



Table of contents (xx chapters)

Foreword by Richard Dawkins http://www0.cs.ucl.ac.uk/staff/P.Bentley/Foreword.html

INTRODUCTION: by Peter Bentley

1. Evolutionary Computation / Evolutionary Design / Problems in Evolutionary Design. http://www.cs.berkeley.edu/~sequin/CS285/TEXT/EvolDesign.pdf

SECTION 1: Evolution and Design

2. Michael French: The Interplay of Evolution and Insight in Design.

3. Derek Gatherer: The Memetics of Design.

4. Dave Goldberg: The Race, the Hurdle, and the Sweet Spot: Lessons from Genetic Algorithms For the Automation of Design Innovation and Creativity.

5. Ian Parmee: Exploring the Design Potential of Evolutionary Search, Exploration and Optimization.

SECTION 2: Evolutionary Optimization of Designs

6. M. A. El-Beltagy & Andy Keane: Optimization in Mechanical Design. Gordon Robinson.

7. David Eby, R. C. Averill, William F. Punch III, Erik D. Goodman: The Optimization of Flywheels using an Injection Island Genetic Algorithm.

8. Mitsuo Gen and Jong Ryul Kim: GA-based Optimisation of Reliability Design.

SECTION 3: Evolutionary Art

9. Stephen Todd and William Latham: The Mutation and Growth of Art by Computers.

10. Michael Witbrock & Scott Neil Reilly: Evolving Genetic Art.

11. Andrew Rowbottom: Evolutionary Art and Form.

SECTION 4: Evolutionary Artificial Life

12. Hugo de Garis: Artificial Embryology and Cellular Differentiation.

13. Karl Sims: Evolving Three-Dimensional Morphology and Behaviour.

14. T. Broughton, Paul Coates, Helen Jackson: Exploring Three-Dimensional Design Worlds using Lindenmeyer Systems and Genetic Programming

SECTION 5: Creative Evolutionary Design

15. Mike Rosenman and John Gero: Evolving Designs by Generating Useful Complex Gene Structures.

16. John Koza, Forrest H Bennet III, David Andre, Martin A Keane: The Design of Analog Circuits by Means of Genetic Programming.

17. Pablo Funes and Jordan Pollack: The Evolution of Buildable Objects. http://www.demo.cs.brandeis.edu/papers/edc98.pdf

18. Peter Bentley: From Coffee Tables to Hospitals: Generic Evolutionary Design.


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